The Junior Band has a long history of international touring. Every two years we organise a one week tour abroad – a big undertaking for a band of young people organised entirely by volunteers and funded mainly through subscriptions and donations at engagements.

This year (2017) we are heading for Holland where we are hoping to take part in international brass festival and forge links with brass bands in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

In 2015 we travelled to Krakow and Zakopane in Poland …. then in 2014 we went to our twin town St. Pol in France.

In 2013 we played in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, Notredame and EuroDisney.

2011 is the 40th anniversary of the formation of Hebden Bridge Junior Band and to celebrate, we spent a week playing in Warstein in Germany.

In 2009 we spent 6 days in Ireland playing at small festivals in Dublin, Tullamore and Bray and played the Guinness Storehouse as part of their 250 year celebrations.

2008 saw a mini-tour to Yorkshire’s East Coast and a quick trip to St Pol to support Hebden Bridge’s International Group on a town twinning event.

Previous tours have been to the Czech Republic, Florida, Switzerland, Italy and to Hebden Bridge’s twin towns, St Pol in France and Warstein in Germany.

International tours are a great way to keep band members enthusiastic about being in a band and a good way for band members, parents and grand parents to have a real shared experience.

Tours are organised and managed by parents and band supporters and band members work hard to raise funds through engagements and events.