The Bands

Main Band

The Main Band (or A Band) is made up of young people who have developed their playing skills through lessons with the band and elsewhere and have learned to play as part of a group with B Band. We currently have around 25 members of Main Band. Band members need to be really committed to the Band as they need to rehearse regularly as well as play at several engagements throughout the year.

B Band

B Band is a development band and allows learners to take their first steps playing with a group of other musicians. It also allows Main Band members to try out a different position on their instrument.

More experienced Band members help out with occasional conducting and support learners in B Band.

We are currently looking for more B Band members. It is a great way for learners to develop their skills and confidence. B Band plays at the regular Band Fairs (usually Spring & Autumn) as well as at the annual Christmas Concert. a
When they are ready, B Band members progress through to Main Band.